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Access Canadian Education is proud to present its new platform for delivering recruiting services in Vietnam for Canadian schools.

Due to increasing numbers of student requests for information about Canada schools we have created a team to bring the two markets together. Access Canadian Education follows the successful Access American Education system in Vietnam. We have full-time staff devoted to the market, targeted marketing and enthusiastic school partners ready to capitalize on Vietnam’s prosperity and desire for education. With 92 million people, a rapidly growing economy and bright future, today’s Vietnam is a great place to recruit. We have connections to schools, other agents and a variety of tested media outlets to spread the word and bring your high school, college or university to what is fast becoming today’s new Pearl of the Orient.

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Why should your institution be interested in working with Access Canadian Education to enroll Vietnamese students?
Vietnam is uniquely situated demographically, economically, and culturally for rapid growth and increasing importance on both Asian and world affairs. Education is as prized in Vietnam as anywhere else in the world. The scarcity of competitive institutions of higher education within the country, coupled with the emergence of Vietnam as a modern economy, puts the need for  educational opportunities for Vietnamese students into sharp focus.

  • Currently, between 20,000 and 25,000 Vietnamese students study in a four year college or university outside of their home country. This number is expected to grow by 50% each year in the coming years due to a number of factors
  • The Vietnamese economy has grown at a rate of 7.5% over the past decade, and at a record rate of 8.5% in 2008
  • As the economy continues to grow, income levels rise, and multinational firms establish themselves in Vietnam demanding a skilled labor force, increasingly affluent Vietnamese families will seek out higher quality education for their children.
  • There is increasing demand for knowledge of specialized disciplines especially engineering and business management and finance, in addition to tourism, information technology, and applied/life sciences.
  • There are currently only two fully functional foreign universities in Vietnam, and neither is based in America, meaning that the population of students who are willing to travel to the United States to complete higher education training is a nearly untapped resource.
  • 60% or the population is under age 30.
  • Primary and secondary education is well on its way to being standardized, which will lead to an even larger pool of students with a secondary school diploma and the opportunity to study at a four year college or university.
  • The Vietnamese government has the goal of adding 20,000 Ph.D. graduates to its population by 2020, and has therefore supported the practice of studying abroad and has been rolling out a series of scholarships available to study at foreign colleges and universities.
  • In 2008, Vietnam was the fastest growing student market for foreign students coming to the United States, increasing by 45% (to 8,769 students) over the previous year. The demographic data above indicates that this trend is sure to continue well into the future. Access American Education will be there to help ensure the needs of your educational institution are well served by increasing the diversity of your student population and quickly and efficiently forming relationships between your college or university and the people of Vietnam.

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